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We are currently developing this page, we hope to finish it by March 8th, 2022.

Our Goal and Mission:

To lobby and push congress (U.S. house of representatives, U.S. Senate, and the U.S. President) to implement at the minimum a 'no-fly' zone over Ukraine to stop indiscriminate bombings of Ukrainians by the Russian army.

Our Facebook Group is Located Here (Join and Take Action Today):

1,000,000 Americans for a No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine against Putin's Terror | Facebook

Synopsys // What We (The American people supporting a No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine) are Trying to Do:

Russia's illegal invasion of sovereign Ukraine in 2022 invokes America's international treaty and agreement called the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 in which the U.S., U.K. (Great Britain), and especially Russia signed a treaty which both ensures Ukraine's territorial sovereignty and integrity, and further ensures its protection against threats of its sovereignty, in exchange for its 1,900 nuclear missiles, the third largest at the time.

This document was signed by the presidents and heads of state of the UK, US, Ukraine, and Russia. Unfortunately President Joe Biden has swept conducting any actual defense of Ukraine, including a new-fly zone under the carpet, citing that it could potentially instigate a nuclear war.

This argument is baseless and devoid of any facts.

From the hundreds of hostile aerial sorties as well as proxy wars between the USSR/Russia and the United States of America that have occurred in the last 75 years, including previous instances of no-fly zones (Kosovo), there has never been a nuclear attack or threat of nuclear attack.
A no-fly zone is a defense operation in which the skies over a territory are policed by one nation or a group of nations.

It would be America's minimal commitment to the Ukrainian people to allocate around 100 pilots/combat aircraft to prevent further indiscriminate bombing and bloodshed of the Ukrainian people.

This group represents the "Save Ukraine" movement, to help coordinate Americans to call their U.S. House Representatives, and Senators to lobby and push for an immediate creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Ukraine needs to know that the United States will honor our word and commitment., and at the minimum will establish a no-fly zone to protect Ukraine.

How to get started:

-Go here to find your elected officials - senators, governors and house reps:
-Contact them through social media, email, and phone.
-Tell them:
"That you demand that we minimally observe our commitment to the Budapest Memorandum which committed the U.S.'s defense of Ukraine's territorial integrity and security assurances in exchange for their most valuable and power deterrent, their 1900 nuclear weapons. "

Push them to take next steps immediately to prevent further indiscriminate bombings of Ukrainians.

A full script is being worked on.

-Share this group for the moment until our landing page is done.

1,000,000 Americans for a No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine against Putin's Terror | Facebook

-You can contact me through the group, or on Twitter @smbfission for questions.
Thank you America!


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