Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaigns for Medical Practices & Doctors

Reputation Boosting Social Media Marketing for Medical Practices & Doctors

Stay engaged with your following and create traction so that they feel more connected with your brand.

Engaging Social Media Strategies and Posting for Medical Practices, Dentists & Doctors
Stay engaged with your following and create traction so that they feel more connected with your brand.
Engaging Social Media Marketing and Posts 1

Every Campaign Includes a Series of Post

Everywhere campaign equals 8 to 9 posts, on 4-5 different social networks, we take your ever-green content and re-position it to maximize visibility and engagement. Thus, one topic will become 8 or 9 posts in the course of year, across various social media mediums.

Engaging Social Media Marketing and Posts 1

Engagement is Our Mission

We conduct keyword research and understand all of the long-tail keywords relating to your business or industry, then we optimize those videos to rank high in YouTube, that ranking will also carry onto Google itself. Overtime, rankings tend to improve naturally as people engage with your video.

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Engaging Content that Gets Attention

Video is the most popular type of the media, not only engaging people on average for longer periods of time, but also in terms of building favor for products and service. We aim to make a convincing and engaging video that will hook your audience.



Local Customer-Based Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GMB (Google My Business), Pinterest, SnapChat, Reddit, Tumblr, etc… etc… etc… it seems like the list of social media platforms is never-ending. Just when you start learning one, there’s another that the youngest generation has absorbed into their lives. We got it under control. We use various software tools to accomplish 3 things: understand who you’re audience is, understand what subject connect with them, and deliver that content in a way that’s familiar with your voice.

I get it – you’ve seen Facebook / Twitter / Instagram everywhere and now you want to throw your money at it. Sweet! But…. why? Social Media can be a powerful tool to stay engaged with your local following, but if you do it wrong – it can be a tool to disconnect with your following. Let us help you make a social media strategy and engage content of value with your customers.

What is customer-based social media marketing? This means that the objectivity of our posts is to create value for your customers or potential customers. Our focus is to give your clients a reason to want to be engaged with you. This doesn’t always have to be content marketing, but it should be something that bring some sort of value to your audience; something essentially makes them want to come back.

We’ll work with you to understand your audience and build an audience profile, and center content around areas of focus important to your clients.

While we don’t guarantee rankings, we do the keyword research beforehand to see what’s ranking for your business in your area and then we create videos and optimize for those rankings accordingly. The tactic works amazingly well.

We also cant ignore the fact that video is more than 60% engaging that all other forms of content or media. Most people just prefer the visuals of video – given this, using video content helps us further reach your audience by giving them what they’re looking for with the content that they want.

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