Local Search Engine Optimization for Doctors, Dentists, Medical Practices

Local Search Engine Optimization for Doctors, Dentists, Medical Practices

Understand the keywords related to your niche within your local market, then build a healthy reputation with the search engines.

Local Search Engine Optimization for Doctors, Dentists, Medical Practices
Rankings don't just come out of nowhere. Start ranking your website with tried and tested methods to rank you higher in Google.

Full Internal SEO Audit

Our basic package takes 5 key pages and we manually analyze using our various tools to understand and optimize how your website is oriented and how it’ll work with Google’s search algorithm.

Scalable Link Building for Doctors

Still the biggest external factor continues to be backlinks. Even though Google has become smarter at understanding which content is better suited for the searcher – backlinks are still as important as they were before. As such, we work on developing as many quality backlinks as we can for you.

Medical Keyword Research and Optimization

We specialize in long-tail keyword optimization. We’re not going to waste our time optimizing your website reputation for general terms, but rather targeted traffic that is less competitive and more focused.



Local Google Ads & Bing Ad Marketing Campaigns

While there is some strong debate as to exactly how much of the search-related market-share Google currently controls, most experts tend to agree that it’s at least 60-70 (or more) percent. That means that there’s a good chance that your local customers are searching for information information regarding your products and services on Google search or Google Maps. Bing controls a much smaller piece of the pie (some experts arguing around 15-25%) but it’s a very strong group of buyers. Point is, Google-based traffic is very hard to ignore.

The problem is that in 2019 (and beyond), fighting against billions of websites for traffic dominance is friggin’ hard. I remember the good ol’ days, back in 2011, I could go various high-ranking sites, post my link a bunch of times in forums, and see rankings in a month. Next thing I knew, I had 100,000 people going to my blog. It’s too bad I never capitalized on that traffic as now in 2019, Google has over 200 ranking factors, implements ranking very slowly (even to legitimate sites), and also – just to be frank, it’s pretty difficult to rank given the competition.

While we do offer local search engine optimization services, the truth is everyone should likely have a budget and should optimize for Google and other PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads like Bing, and even more-so, local Facebook marketing ads. The reasons are the following:

  1. There’s too much competition in the internet-space to quickly get rankings in Google.
  2. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing which might make ranking more difficult.
  3. One can begin reaping the benefits of online sales and online marketing immediately.
  4. Targeting long-tail keywords will give someone the ability to target specific needs, for lower cost, and this is what we focus on.

The gist? Yo bro… You have a great product and your customers are looking for you, right? Right! So why are you wasting time, we have 4 amazing & affordable packages to choose from to get your brand micro-targeted to your audience.

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