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Author a Book to Build Your Brand with Your Audience

You have an expertise in your field and can offer a lot of value. But no one knows who you are, or at least perhaps not well enough... let a book tell your story for you. Best of all, you don't even need to write it..

Authoring Your Own Book to Build Your Personal Brand
Many people have a personal goal of writing a book about a topic or an experience, but writing a book is one of the very best ways to connect with an audience on your terms.

Connect You to a Ghost Writer

Rather than draft a huge speech which a busy person doesn’t have time for, we craft simple, digestable, and practical information of value. We approach the relationship from the big picture, but appeal to various needs of the customer.

We Guide You Every Step of the Way:
Cover Art, Copyrights, Production

From idea to book, we work with you to bring the book from a place of thought, to connecting with a ghost writer, and cover art designer, to production of your book so that each step of the cycle is taken care of.

Book PR & Advertising

The most important benefit of publishing your book is not to make a fortune from it, but to spread your message and build a personal connection with your audience in a scalable way. We utilize some basic methods to get your book out there as well as create simple and quick opt-in pages.



Our Done-For-You Book Creation Service Includes

One of the most successful ways men and women in history have positioned themselves in front of a large audience is through authoring books on their specialty or on a specific topic. It happens to be a personal goal of most people, but great thing about authoring a book is that you get someone’s presence without having to invest your time.

It’s Impossible to Tell Your Story Face to Face to Everyone. Let a Book do It for You:

You’re thinking, “What did you say?! Write a book?! Why, it’s not possible! I don’t have time!” Don’t worry chief, you’re not going to write it. We have a ghost-writer write it for you. It’s simple: someone interviews you for 4-6 hours, and writes your book. That’s it! You’re ready to self-publish! We help you with that too!

This service involves 4 parts: 


  • 1. Finding a ghost-writer whose style and voice that you connect with.
  • 2. Arranging around a 4-6 hour meeting for the ghost writer to pull information from you for the book.
  • 3. About a week to two weeks later, the book is drafted for review. You will confirm that the draft is to your expectation as well as make any edits.
  • 4. The last part is setting up some basic promotion, and PR – as well as implementing a system for your customers to obtain a copy.

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