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Linkedin Lead Generation - Automated Results for Cold Outreach

Stop Marketing, and Start Building Trust.

LeadRapport is a lead and prospect generation ally that help you succeed in build your reputation with cold leads on Linkedin or through email marketing.

Learn to Engage a Cold Audience
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How to Build a Relationship with Your Cold Audience?
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How Does It Work?
Our Process
SMBfission - Research Prospect Data
First Phase
Research, Identify, & Locate
It’s important that ideal prospects and audiences be precisely identified as much as possible. Understanding and locating the information for decision-makers or those most likely to move the project along internally are essential for campaign success.
SMBfission - Linkedin message sequences
Second Phase
Message Strategically
Our whole focus is developing relationships and trust. We focus on messaging that achieves that goal first and foremost.
What might be different from partners you’ve worked with in the part is that we don’t stick to type of strategy.
SMBfission - funnel optimization
Third Phase
Invite & Optimize
When it’s right we invite the contact to a conversation. However, the most important thing we do is optimize. We are constantly optimizing and adding new data points in our analytics to hopefully make compounding gains.
What are the Strategies?
Here's a reference of some strategies we use, but we're always testing more.
Why LeadRapport?

LeadRapport focuses on using the “Client-Trust Method” and developing that formula in all of its endeavors. This ensures that we’re innovative and comprehensive in our approach with building connections with leads/prospects.

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